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 ‘Incidental’ Marketing

his is a blog about how we are giving advice on our products to our customers and end users. About YouTube and Digital Marketing.

Consequently, it is also a blog about our experience on how the digital media is changing the advertising landscape with new, creative content designed to promote a product while also engaging with users.

Doing research on how to showcase our products, I often come across with what could probably be one of the new ways that modern companies are employing to advertise their products, and it isn’t through direct advertising. Traditional marketing brings the product forward in the best light, employing imagery and video with new tricks and techniques aiming to wow the viewers.

This new type of marketing, and digital marketing, is based on planning, collaboration and resources, creativity and advanced hardware and software bringing forward the sort of advertising that strives to make a product or brand memorable. Avant-garde car and watch TV adverts come to mind.

Digital Marketing

With the explosion of digital media, however, driven on a massive scale by YouTube reviews, we are seeing first hand the not-so-glamorous side of products, any product, from budget to luxury, and how life revolves around them. How users interact on a daily basis with those products and how they feel about them.

From our own point of view, as a business, we think that is is interesting creating content on how to use, maintain or install those products and finding out how our end users interact with them.

Likes and dislikes, pros and cons, providing instant, rewarding feedback and reviews, on a global scale. All this undoubtedly results in an emotional response to a product, in cases even creating strong emotional attachment to everyday objects. Remember those videos with users purchasing an iPhone on launch day? And the responses from PC users counteracting the hype… All result of an strong emotional response to a product.

From the unboxing of a new gadget to changing the bulb behind the dashboard of a car, painting lead figurines or making healthy smoothies, cooking, mechanics, upholstery. You name it; it’s already there.

The feedback provided for those products by YouTubers, particularly by accounts with large numbers of followers, in several cases reaching millions of subscribers, can influence how a product will be perceived by the public. There are numerous cases of manufacturers sending their samples to YouTube accounts with the aim to receive -hopefully- positive feedback, thus promoting their product indirectly.

Screenshot of a successful ‘how-to’ video in YouTube, with over 1m views.

In only a few years since YouTube was born -just over a decade ago!-,  we are quickly discovering ‘the other side’ of products. The side that makes us shout to the world how we feel about it. I know, I know…, we also have Amazon reviews and Ebay feedback, but I am sure you will agree with me that YouTube is the most powerful and also the most engaging.

Digital DIY

If we focus our attention to the home renovation industry, where our business sits comfortably, marketing relies on traditional advertisement methods by placing ads in magazines, building showroom displays to showcase their products and word to mouth launching well-known brands into the realm of reputation stratosphere. Again, this brings that type of marketing that I described at the beginning of this blog, digital marketing based on planning, collaboration and resources. But how about advertising a product by showing how to service it? how efficient can this be? I am able to answer that question here: very.

Research shows that a basic, helpful video in YouTube on how to install a toilet seat or paint a chair can collect a quarter of a million views in just over a year. As helpful and well received these videos are by the DIY community, judging by the likes given by grateful viewers the collateral result of such quantifiable number of views is, you guessed it, brand awareness, heightened perception of the brand, instant feedback, all incredibly valuable to any business.

And there is no harm done to a manufacturer by showing how to maintain a product, it is natural and expected that nothing performs to its full potential forever. DIY videos, so prominent in YouTube, are incredibly beneficial in the home improvement industry. They show the other side of what using a product is really like and what to expect from it; what you see is what you get.

In our YouTube channel there are two predominant types of video content: product marketing and product servicing. Within a space of 6 months, taking into account that all the videos were uploaded within this time frame, the views gathered on those related to servicing and maintenance have doubled those dedicated to product marketing. This is despite the fact that the quality –up to 4K– and the technical characteristics of the videos dedicated to marketing of our products are clearly superior.

With this in view, the plan of action becomes what has already been discussed: creating content on how to use, maintain and install our products.

Our video on how to install a thermostatic bath & shower mixer


The conclusion is quite straight forward; maintenance and servicing of a product draws more attention than the promotion of the product itself. At least when it comes to YouTube content, and we are pleased to be able to provide a comprehensive video library to cater for all needs.

The Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November 2016 blog.

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