Merry Christmas!

… And Happy New Year!

is around the corner! These past twelve months have brought us exciting new developments. We have enjoyed sharing our year with you in our blogs and social media platforms. Pura Bathrooms Group is now tucking in for the festive season. We are already looking forward to sharing the next twelve months with you. Watch this space!

What’s next for Pura Bathrooms Group

With KBB around the corner, we are very excited to be exhibiting our retail brands; Imex, Flova, Deuco and Puracast. We have designed our stand to bring the best of them to our visitors.

If you will be attending the exhibition, we would love to hear from you and we will absolutely look forward to meeting you there. We have a few surprises for our customers, all very positive. We hope our stand will demonstrate what you can achieve being part of PBG.

Special thanks

We would like to say thanks to all the teams involved in building our new Crowborough HQ, for their dedication and patience. We announced the work in our December blog last year and due to unforeseen circumstances the project took longer than we anticipated, but we got there in the end. The result was stunning. Here is a snippet of how the work went, enjoy it in 4K so you don’t miss any detail!:

Our offices will close for the seasonal break at 12:00pm on Friday 22nd and will open again for business at 8:30am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November 2016 blog.

We look back at 2017

Good bye 2017

It is time to start planning our good-byes to 2017. Time is relative, but in PBG terms, twelve months have passed with incredible speed since we blogged for the first time in 2016. We can only assume the next few weeks will go just as fast for us as the last twelve months.

We have experienced growth, rebranding, new products. As many other businesses, we have experienced external, unusual circumstances in the form of Brexit. And, looking back at 2017, we can confirm this has been a transitional year for us, a year where we have prepared ourselves for 2018.

Here are some of the notes that we have taken in the last twelve months in preparation for next year:

Sales Team Growth

2017 has seen our sales team grow a third to enable us to cater for all the regions in the UK. As usual in our company, we have provided the new sales force with extensive training to ensure they will be ready for what 2018 has to offer.

Our sales teams cover all regions of the UK

New brochures and products

We launched our Go2 brochure in May and our customers received it well as the brochure covered three of our brands with extensive offerings.

Our Go2 brochure, despite initially lukewarm results, was finally a success and became synonym with convenience and easy access to our most of our products. Our business is continually evolving and our marketing strategy will aim to focus more into each brand.

Alma and Duro ranges are now part of the Imex offering. Each has very striking characteristics; Alma -derived from the word alma in Spanish- has been designed with delicate lines in mind, and Duro -derived from the word hard in Spanish- with a more masculine outlook, none have compromised in quality and include stylish furniture.

Digital Marketing Growth

This past 12 months we have seen some very exciting developments in the Digital Marketing department.

We launched our new group website! after several months of painstaking design. The new group website hosts our blogs, links to our five brands and their brochures and information about our locations.

You can now also find a new section dedicated to what can be achieved with the group brands called ‘Be inspired‘.

Our social media profiles have experienced growth of over 100% in the last twelve months. Are you following us yet, have you subscribed to us, joined us yet? Why not head over and connect with us!:

Exciting new blogs: as we promised, we have kept you updated of our business activity not only through our social media platform, but also our regular blogs.

We now have a rich amount of content dedicated to our social media strategy, bathroom furniture trends and even tips on how to build a bathroom showroom. But that’s not all, click here to find out how much more we have to offer.

Follow the #PBGstyle hashtag in your internet search for inspirational designs and bathroom displays around the UK.


Our E-Business has grown exponentially. With more and more customers now registering to our E-Business platform, we are looking forward to providing our products in way that is more convenient for you.

We put together a blog back in July, where we laid down the benefits of using our E-Business login instead of more traditional methods. It just works!

Looking forward to 2018

We are very excited to enter 2018 having prepared for it for the last twelve months. With KBB just around the corner and new products, brochures, social media activity, new customers joining the Pura Bathrooms Group and business growth, it already looks hugely positive!

The Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November 2016 blog.

Puracast Premium Baths

Baths of strength and quality

Recently, we introduced our new Deuco video banner. This week is the turn of Puracast premium baths. In this blow we zero in on the brand’s drive for quality and strength, becoming part of its core identity.

What is Puracast?

Puracast baths are the ultimate premium bath. Hand finished in the UK to the most exacting of standards. Puracast baths are rigid, durable, strong and with a reassuring substantial weight are perfect for all bathrooms. This is regardless of bath style you decide on.

Puracast designs premium baths in beautiful sculptural shapes that suit the contemporary bathroom, thanks to the versatility of their materials, advanced manufacturing processes and the quality of our craftsmanship.

What makes Puracast ‘premium’?

Made from a generous 5mm of acrylic, we apply 7 layers of fibreglass core matting by hand and reinforce each bath bonding them with resin. This is the same construction method that the automotive and maritime industries use.

Plus fibreglass matting and resin bonding encapsulate the timber frame bath rims and bath bases to provide extra rigidity, meaning the bath will not ‘flex’ when you step in.

Our Puracast Wave displayed in KBME in Bedfordshire (Click to open in Instagram)

How Puracast makes premium baths

Due to the rigour of the manufacturing process and the quality of the materials used, Puracast premium baths have superb thermal retention. This results in the water staying warm much longer than in the average acrylic bath, meaning you don’t waste water or energy.

The reinforcement process creates strength and durability, so you don’t get that unnerving ‘flexing’ sensation when you step in.

During the manufacture, the care that we put on each Puracast premium bath is second to none. Our highly skilled team ‘paint’ the baths with 7 layers of fibreglass core matting and resin bonding by hand. Even the timber framing the bath rims and bath bases are fully encapsulated using exactly the same process for extra strength and rigidity.

Finally, our team gives each Puracast premium bath that final lustrous easy to clean sheen at our manufacturing facilities in East Sussex. It’s the finishing touch that makes Puracast premium baths so special.

Would you like to see more? We have put together a video explaining the process, step by step, as we covered in this blog.

You can find the Puracast collection in our video below:

Get in touch with us

If you would like more information or speak to one of our Sales Managers, please contact our Marketing department and we will be happy to help you. Please ring 01892 613558 or email

Please order one of our brochures by clicking here (opens in a new window/tab)

The Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November 2016’s blog.

Bathroom Furniture Trends

About Deuco Bathroom Furniture

For three decades, Deuco have designed and manufactured fine bathroom furniture in their Hertfordshire premises, using traditional skills and modern methods to create unique and imaginative bathroom solutions. To capture its core identity we have created a video ‘banner’ which reflects a proudly British brand.

Click to watch the new Deuco branding ad

This blog was created to inspire your next bathroom design, from the point of view of our own furniture brand, but with a twist. We are showing you here some of the most successful designs based on the feedback collected from our digital marketing campaigns.

For this blog we use images from our bathroom showrooms in our customer stores, that we hope will serve you as a guide for your next bathroom project.

Deuco currently offers two ranges, Fitted and Modular, with the aim of transforming a bathroom into a luxurious environment, perfectly tailored to your needs and crafted to reflect your own distinctive style.

Fitted Furniture

Fitted furniture provides stylish and space-saving solutions in relatively compact areas through finely designed wall-to-wall cabinets, drawers and storage.

This bathroom was designed in-house by our Project Manager for Tippers Showrooms, featuring a perfectly tailored design  to maximise storage on one side of the bathroom. It is complemented with a matching WC cistern cover. This design is beautifully finished in natural cream avola.

The bathroom includes Flova brassware from the Allore range, a Puracast Wave showerbath and Imex Essence sanitariware.

Click to open in Instagram

Our Project Manager, Lauren Sutton, designed the following design for Capelles in Guernsey. The furniture was finished in gloss mussel and the bath plinth in natural driftwood. The mirror is a Deuco Luna LED wall mirror with infrared switch.

This project also features a Puracast Bloque double ended bath, Flova Urban brassware and Imex Essence sanitaryware.

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Fitted furniture can also be the ideal choice for traditional homes with limited space and a need for large amounts of storage. This style can be a great choice for a sleek, streamlined look with plenty of storage space.

The following video features a design in gloss cashmere, with Imex Essence sanitaryware, Pura Flite and Flova Dekka brassware. This design has sleek style and storage in mind.

Click to watch the demo in YouTube

Modular furniture

Each unit in our Modular furniture series is stand-alone, allowing elements from across the modular ranges to be mixed and matched to create a truly bespoke bathroom design.

We completed recently our new showroom in HPS Sevenoaks where this stunning and simple design can be found. The bluish tone gives the bathroom a moody character. However, despite it being a small bathroom, the space is well managed with the inclusion of an M Series 800 x 455 wall mounted single drawer cabinet in gloss cashmere.

The Flova Levo basin mixer combines perfectly with the Deuco basin, as well as a Puracast Arco showerbath also including a Flova Levo shower pack and bath filler.

The WC is an Imex Liberty featuring the new quick release, slim seat.

This hugely successful design has gathered a large amount of positive feedback in all our social media platforms. (LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.)

Click to open in Instagram

Designs that attract most attention

The image below is also a hugely successful design from a display designed in-house for Capelles Showroom in Guernsey. This design also features an M Series cabinet, this time a 1200 x 455 double basin cabinet with a side by side single drawer.

Next to the shower cubicle a Deuco Reflections two tall door mirror cabinet provides this stunning design with more mirror state and storage space.

This display also features a Pura Bathrooms Bloque back to wall WC, Flova Urban basin taps and a Deuco Grace LED Mirror (infrared switch and magnifying mirror).

Click to view in Facebook


Q15 from Deuco also attracts a great deal attention in our posts, as well as positive feedback from our followers, our customers and buyers-to-be. This is due to its space-saving features, being subtle and graceful on the outside but deceptively spacious inside.

The following set is finished in a combination of gloss teal and gloss mussel on the front panels and natural nebraska oak on the side panels, providing a striking contrast. The furniture set was formed by a 800 x 460 15cm high basin cabinet with drawer and waste cutout, a Try Qube storage cabinet, and a wall mounted single door storage cabinet.

This display also features Imex Liberty toilet and bidet, Flova Urban throughout with a tall basin mixer next to the Imex Liberty bowl and a Deuco Luna LED mirror (infrared switch).

Click to view in Instagram

The display below is a similar example of Q15 but this time the set is build into a smaller space. Our team put it together using a combination of gloss red and gloss mussel on the front panels and natural nebraska oak on the side panels. It is located in the BuildIt showroom, in Gloucester.

Brassware is a Flova Urban concealed basin mixer and accessories.

Click to view in Instagram

A similar design is also displayed in the HPS showroom, in Sevenoaks, also featuring Flova Urban brassware, next to a Puracast bath:

Click to view in Instagram

Wing Basin

Lastly, our video below features the M Series wing basin finished in natural cream avola featuring left and right wing basins for a minimalist look.

Click to watch the video in YouTube

The choices are endless

This is a selection among many of the ranges in the Deuco furniture collection. Whether you select Fitted or Modular furniture, with our wide choice of sizes, finishes, colours, textures, handles and accessories you are sure to find the perfect look for your bathroom.

The exceptionally high standards in quality and meticulous attention to detail mean you can be confident in choosing Deuco for your dream bathroom. Don’t forget to visit the Deuco website!

Follow the #PBGstyle hashtag in your internet search for inspirational designs and bathroom displays around the UK.

The Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November 2016’s blog.


Business and Social Media


As a Digital Marketing Executive in a medium sized b2b -business to business-, I often do research on trends and topics to keep up with technologies, tips and tools to make my -work social media- life a little bit easier.

Keeping up to date is part of my job, digital marketing is very demanding in that respect.

The level on the evolution of digital marketing is quite focused too, as we operate from small details like a certain word or expression to make adverts more attractive to full branding campaigns involving projects like this very blog.

B2B meets Social Media

As part of my research I rely on good quality information, one of many sources of quality information is Hootsuite. The social media planning tool is not only that, a digital marketing tool. It is also a source of a valuable blogs on social media and digital marketing that, in a way, confirm our social media activity is bang on trend.

I had been putting some thought into how to write this month’s PBG blog when I found Hootsuite’s on the 10 benefits of social media for business.

In less than a decade, I have seen first hand the power of social media increasing exponentially but I still feel its true potential is yet to be discovered. Businesses, understandably, still see social media as that online activity driven by teenagers that may or may not be beneficial for them. For businesses though, social media is a totally different animal.

More specifically in b2b digital marketing, social media can be immensely helpful. Comparatively, b2c marketing has its own advantages, where the end user is directly involved with the business.

As result, more data is collected providing an insight on their impression of the brand, the product, give clearer feedback and have a closer relationship with the business; it served companies like Apple, HP and Microsoft, now marketing mammoths, create their strong loyal fanbase, to the point of nearly becoming a cult.

Increase brand awareness: the more presence in social media, the better understanding a customer and an end user will have of the brand. Instagram is a great platform to develop the brand taking into account existing customer’s feedback, due to its responsiveness.

Which leads me to Hootsuite’s blog. Taking into account our b2b marketing strategy, I have picked from their blog the points that I feel are more relevant to us (this blog is therefore loosely based on some of the points enumerated):

Generate leads

LinkedIn was originally created as an online platform to enable professionals to establish new career contacts, but only in the last few years it has developed into a platform ideally positioned to create business connections from a b2b perspective. LinkedIn could easily become the social media platform of choice for b2b advertising.

Example of customer engagement in one of our LinkedIn posts

Provide a customer experience

“Even if you aren’t on social media, most of your customers expect you to be”.

Example of engagement in Twitter

A brand unable to cater on a social media platform is seen as a business with little to offer. From an attractive post to Twitter or LinkedIn, linked to a well laid out website, with information, videos and images of the desired product, to a quality Customer Service boosted by an active social media, an experience can be positive enough that the customer will likely come back for more.

Website traffic and SEO

All social media provides an ideal platform to showcase your brand or product and, in a simplified yet efficient manner, the option to redirect a potential customer to your website, where there is more information about a desired product.

Follow competitor’s strategies

Information that only a few years ago was unknown to competitors is now available with a mouse click or mobile tap. Instantly.

Share content faster, easier and less costly

With effective planning, quality material and no budget, an advert linking to a website is more powerful than an image hidden in a magazine, which hasn’t got a link to carry that experience to a company website.

Advertising our new brochure in Twitter

Build relationships

Twitter has had its ups and downs, mostly due to lack of revenue. Many people ask themselves how is Twitter keeping its head up? I believe the answer lies in its effective way of transferring news, make them viral, and develop them into a conversation that everyone has a voice. A ‘good morning’ to your followers on a cloudy Monday quickly becomes #mondaymotivation and so the conversation begins…

Example of one of our motivational posts in Twitter 

If there was ever any doubt of how can social media be implemented in a marketing strategy, not only are businesses adapting to social media, social media is also adapting to businesses to offer better advertisement and more exposure and engagement, all valuable assets to any business. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube -see our previous blog ‘Engaging through the right advice‘-… all have found a particular way to make advertisement easier for businesses.

Even governments are taking advantage of social media, albeit often clumsily, to increase their presence in modern society. Trump using Twitter on his electoral campaign and more recently the UK’s Conservative government ads in Instagram -above- are clear examples.

Follow the #PBGstyle hashtag in your internet search for inspirational designs and bathroom displays around the UK.

The Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November 2016’s blog.

Engaging through the right advice

 ‘Incidental’ Marketing

his is a blog about how we are giving advice on our products to our customers and end users. About YouTube and Digital Marketing.

Consequently, it is also a blog about our experience on how the digital media is changing the advertising landscape with new, creative content designed to promote a product while also engaging with users.

Doing research on how to showcase our products, I often come across with what could probably be one of the new ways that modern companies are employing to advertise their products, and it isn’t through direct advertising. Traditional marketing brings the product forward in the best light, employing imagery and video with new tricks and techniques aiming to wow the viewers.

This new type of marketing, and digital marketing, is based on planning, collaboration and resources, creativity and advanced hardware and software bringing forward the sort of advertising that strives to make a product or brand memorable. Avant-garde car and watch TV adverts come to mind.

Digital Marketing

With the explosion of digital media, however, driven on a massive scale by YouTube reviews, we are seeing first hand the not-so-glamorous side of products, any product, from budget to luxury, and how life revolves around them. How users interact on a daily basis with those products and how they feel about them.

From our own point of view, as a business, we think that is is interesting creating content on how to use, maintain or install those products and finding out how our end users interact with them.

Likes and dislikes, pros and cons, providing instant, rewarding feedback and reviews, on a global scale. All this undoubtedly results in an emotional response to a product, in cases even creating strong emotional attachment to everyday objects. Remember those videos with users purchasing an iPhone on launch day? And the responses from PC users counteracting the hype… All result of an strong emotional response to a product.

From the unboxing of a new gadget to changing the bulb behind the dashboard of a car, painting lead figurines or making healthy smoothies, cooking, mechanics, upholstery. You name it; it’s already there.

The feedback provided for those products by YouTubers, particularly by accounts with large numbers of followers, in several cases reaching millions of subscribers, can influence how a product will be perceived by the public. There are numerous cases of manufacturers sending their samples to YouTube accounts with the aim to receive -hopefully- positive feedback, thus promoting their product indirectly.

Screenshot of a successful ‘how-to’ video in YouTube, with over 1m views.

In only a few years since YouTube was born -just over a decade ago!-,  we are quickly discovering ‘the other side’ of products. The side that makes us shout to the world how we feel about it. I know, I know…, we also have Amazon reviews and Ebay feedback, but I am sure you will agree with me that YouTube is the most powerful and also the most engaging.

Digital DIY

If we focus our attention to the home renovation industry, where our business sits comfortably, marketing relies on traditional advertisement methods by placing ads in magazines, building showroom displays to showcase their products and word to mouth launching well-known brands into the realm of reputation stratosphere. Again, this brings that type of marketing that I described at the beginning of this blog, digital marketing based on planning, collaboration and resources. But how about advertising a product by showing how to service it? how efficient can this be? I am able to answer that question here: very.

Research shows that a basic, helpful video in YouTube on how to install a toilet seat or paint a chair can collect a quarter of a million views in just over a year. As helpful and well received these videos are by the DIY community, judging by the likes given by grateful viewers the collateral result of such quantifiable number of views is, you guessed it, brand awareness, heightened perception of the brand, instant feedback, all incredibly valuable to any business.

And there is no harm done to a manufacturer by showing how to maintain a product, it is natural and expected that nothing performs to its full potential forever. DIY videos, so prominent in YouTube, are incredibly beneficial in the home improvement industry. They show the other side of what using a product is really like and what to expect from it; what you see is what you get.

In our YouTube channel there are two predominant types of video content: product marketing and product servicing. Within a space of 6 months, taking into account that all the videos were uploaded within this time frame, the views gathered on those related to servicing and maintenance have doubled those dedicated to product marketing. This is despite the fact that the quality –up to 4K– and the technical characteristics of the videos dedicated to marketing of our products are clearly superior.

With this in view, the plan of action becomes what has already been discussed: creating content on how to use, maintain and install our products.

Our video on how to install a thermostatic bath & shower mixer


The conclusion is quite straight forward; maintenance and servicing of a product draws more attention than the promotion of the product itself. At least when it comes to YouTube content, and we are pleased to be able to provide a comprehensive video library to cater for all needs.

The Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November 2016 blog.

Commitment to the Environment

… A Growing Trend

Trends come and go

… some become the norm while many are left to one side, forgotten. But one trend that seems to be here to stay; the ability of a business to provide eco products that no only perform well, but do so while having a small impact on the environment.

In the Bathroom industry, a lesser impact on the environment translates into water-savings across taps, WCs and showers, and technologies are being introduced to save water and deliver an experience.

A recent study by MTW Research, which was mentioned in the November issue of Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business (EKBB) magazine found that, ‘based on data from 130 manufacturers and retailers in the UK bathroom market […] sales of water-saving products are on the rise, boosted by housebuilding, domestic refurbishment and a continued emphasis on water efficiency’.

Marketing departments across the industry have experienced a renewed interest in eco-friendly products, where low impact in the environment becomes a feature of the product advertised, raising its profile. This provides business a new challenge, where they can prove that their products can be more efficient while maintaining or even increasing their performance.

Everyday examples of the rise of eco products can be found in the car industry where big brands like BMW or Tesla are investing large sums in R&D to provide more efficient, eco-friendly engines that out-perform other brands, proving once more that eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean a compromise in performance.

The Pura Bathrooms Group launched its own eco marketing campaign featuring the low environmental impact of our products, click here to watch the video

As a business, do we think that there is currently a strong demand for eco-friendly products?

In the November Edition of EKBB magazine our Head of Marketing, Stuart Newbury, explained that demand is definitely rising. Obviously builders and developers have to follow building regulations, so there is a solid demand for eco sanitaryware, brassware and bath products. But, consumers are becoming more savvy about water saving, plus many are becoming quite focused where their water has been metered. From the Pura Bathrooms Group perspective we are expecting an increase demand for eco bathroom products and to deal with this we are bringing more and more ‘eco’ variants into our ranges.

Can products be eco-friendly and still look stylish?

Definitely! Eco-friendly does not have to mean expensive or ugly! We try to minimise the cost of additional eco-technology without compromising the look and feel of a product. Its about good engineering and thoughtful designs. An example of design and efficient engineering is the WRAS approved Imex sanitaryware, featuring a half-flush of only 2.6 litres while also performing above industry standards.

Imex demo video showing its water-saving features, without compromising on performance

Helping retailers sell more eco products

Selling eco is often something that bathroom retailers and showroom staff find more complex to explain than non eco solutions for a couple of reasons. Primarily, because there are so many variations across manufacturers products and getting the specific facts and figures right can be tricky as the last thing they want to do is mislead the customer. And often also because customers associate eco with a less than satisfying user experience, which nowadays is generally untrue if you stock top brands. So, understandably, showroom staff can be unsure how to approach this tricky subject!

Pura Bathrooms Group display in Ware Bathroom Centre, Hertfordshire (UK). We suggest taking a ‘probing’ approach and ask the customer a series of questions which can help lead them confidently into making an eco product choice.

What if the customer is on a water meter?

Customers on water meters may be more water conscious than those customers that aren’t and therefore more receptive to eco solutions. Even if they are not on a water meter, by asking this question you might find out whether they are eco aware or not.

Investigating the size and age of the customer’s family or those that will be using the product would be a good starting point: a family with teenagers may wish to limit the amount of water that can be used. This can be done by using flow regulators within taps and showers or even lowering the depth fill level of the bath (there are many baths on the market, such as the Puracast Wave eco-bath), that allow consumers choose the depth that suits them.

With Wave you can select a fill capacity ranging from 170 litres to an eco-friendly 80 litres.
Not only is this friendlier on the environment by reducing water wastage, but it makes the hot water go further within the household too – so there is the added benefit of saving on the heating and hot water bill.

Also, investigate the customer’s bathing habits and choose products to suit – are they predominantly bathers or showerers – or both? If their preference is showering, plumb for an air mix shower such as Design or Urban dual function heads from the Flova brassware range. These will deliver water saving of around 20% and will ensure the customer has a really enjoyable shower without affecting shower performance or experience.

Finally, we would look to encourage the customer’s understanding of how using less water saves money in their pocket, and if there were products which offered this without compromising performance or experience, who wouldn’t want to save money too?

Look out for the European Water Label

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) have developed the European Water Label which will operate as a separate entity, registered in the UK as a limited company by the BMA.

This label has been created with the intention of informing consumers on the consumption of water of their products including showers, taps and toilets with the label showing the maximum volume of water that the product will use.

The Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November’s blog.