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As a Digital Marketing Executive in a medium sized b2b -business to business-, I often do research on trends and topics to keep up with technologies, tips and tools to make my -work social media- life a little bit easier.

Keeping up to date is part of my job, digital marketing is very demanding in that respect.

The level on the evolution of digital marketing is quite focused too, as we operate from small details like a certain word or expression to make adverts more attractive to full branding campaigns involving projects like this very blog.

B2B meets Social Media

As part of my research I rely on good quality information, one of many sources of quality information is Hootsuite. The social media planning tool is not only that, a digital marketing tool. It is also a source of a valuable blogs on social media and digital marketing that, in a way, confirm our social media activity is bang on trend.

I had been putting some thought into how to write this month’s PBG blog when I found Hootsuite’s on the 10 benefits of social media for business.

In less than a decade, I have seen first hand the power of social media increasing exponentially but I still feel its true potential is yet to be discovered. Businesses, understandably, still see social media as that online activity driven by teenagers that may or may not be beneficial for them. For businesses though, social media is a totally different animal.

More specifically in b2b digital marketing, social media can be immensely helpful. Comparatively, b2c marketing has its own advantages, where the end user is directly involved with the business.

As result, more data is collected providing an insight on their impression of the brand, the product, give clearer feedback and have a closer relationship with the business; it served companies like Apple, HP and Microsoft, now marketing mammoths, create their strong loyal fanbase, to the point of nearly becoming a cult.

Increase brand awareness: the more presence in social media, the better understanding a customer and an end user will have of the brand. Instagram is a great platform to develop the brand taking into account existing customer’s feedback, due to its responsiveness.

Which leads me to Hootsuite’s blog. Taking into account our b2b marketing strategy, I have picked from their blog the points that I feel are more relevant to us (this blog is therefore loosely based on some of the points enumerated):

Generate leads

LinkedIn was originally created as an online platform to enable professionals to establish new career contacts, but only in the last few years it has developed into a platform ideally positioned to create business connections from a b2b perspective. LinkedIn could easily become the social media platform of choice for b2b advertising.

Example of customer engagement in one of our LinkedIn posts

Provide a customer experience

“Even if you aren’t on social media, most of your customers expect you to be”.

Example of engagement in Twitter

A brand unable to cater on a social media platform is seen as a business with little to offer. From an attractive post to Twitter or LinkedIn, linked to a well laid out website, with information, videos and images of the desired product, to a quality Customer Service boosted by an active social media, an experience can be positive enough that the customer will likely come back for more.

Website traffic and SEO

All social media provides an ideal platform to showcase your brand or product and, in a simplified yet efficient manner, the option to redirect a potential customer to your website, where there is more information about a desired product.

Follow competitor’s strategies

Information that only a few years ago was unknown to competitors is now available with a mouse click or mobile tap. Instantly.

Share content faster, easier and less costly

With effective planning, quality material and no budget, an advert linking to a website is more powerful than an image hidden in a magazine, which hasn’t got a link to carry that experience to a company website.

Advertising our new brochure in Twitter

Build relationships

Twitter has had its ups and downs, mostly due to lack of revenue. Many people ask themselves how is Twitter keeping its head up? I believe the answer lies in its effective way of transferring news, make them viral, and develop them into a conversation that everyone has a voice. A ‘good morning’ to your followers on a cloudy Monday quickly becomes #mondaymotivation and so the conversation begins…

Example of one of our motivational posts in Twitter 

If there was ever any doubt of how can social media be implemented in a marketing strategy, not only are businesses adapting to social media, social media is also adapting to businesses to offer better advertisement and more exposure and engagement, all valuable assets to any business. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube -see our previous blog ‘Engaging through the right advice‘-… all have found a particular way to make advertisement easier for businesses.

Even governments are taking advantage of social media, albeit often clumsily, to increase their presence in modern society. Trump using Twitter on his electoral campaign and more recently the UK’s Conservative government ads in Instagram -above- are clear examples.

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