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We have recently completed our first year of eCommerce -online ordering-, a world previously untouched by Pura Bathrooms and most of the bathroom and plumbing industry, which is stereotypically more comfortable with a fax machine or pen and paper than eCommerce!

Accessible by all of our customers, the website highlights our objective of delivering a quicker and simpler ordering method, with greater benefits than ordering by more traditional means.

Here’s how moving your ordering to our online platform is better than doing it the old school way.


The website has a live stock profile that constantly updates to bring you our latest inventory. If an item is out of stock, you won’t be able to order the item, and you’ll be asked to either delete the item from your order or back order it, allowing you to log in at a later date and order it when it’s back in stock. Simple.

Ordering Anytime

Unlike our sales team, the website doesn’t need to eat lunch, visit the loo or even take time off over Christmas. It works every minute of every day, meaning that you can place your orders whenever you feel like it. Now that’s convenient!

Ordering Anywhere

Our website is compatible on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, meaning that can quite literally place and order from anywhere on the planet! So if you fancied a trip to Australia but need to get that stock order on for next day delivery, fear not, all you need in an internet connection down under and you’re good to go!


The Pura website is becoming our platform for all promotions and sales. It’ll be the best place to go for a bargain. It may be a summer sale, Black Friday or Christmas Bonanza, all products could be discounted giving even greater value for money!

Card payments

Whether you have a pro forma account or a ginormous credit limit, all customers can use a credit or debit card to pay for their order up front. We use WorldPay, a global payment system that’s secure, quick and easy. If you take advantage of paying up front with your order, you’ll receive another 2% discount off the value of the order. If you’d rather use your credit limit, that’s absolutely fine and the website will link to our central invoicing system and invoice you at the end of the month just like any other order.

Quick Orders

Browsing our comprehensive range of products is easy on the website. Ordering them is even easier! If you have the product code, you’re able to type it straight into your basket and add one with minimum hassle. We’re assuming that you want to spend less time placing orders with us and more time with your customers!

Delivery addresses

Whether you have a single premise or multiple branches the website is flexible enough to accommodate you. You can add as many addresses as you need by clicking ‘view your account’ on the website. This means that if you have a central purchaser for multiple locations, they will be able to select the delivery address for each order and still be invoiced centrally. Alternatively, each branch can have its own log in for the website, and still be invoiced correctly.

We have invested time and money into creating a platform designed to make the ordering process quicker and simpler. The platform is available for all our customers to use, so register online by clicking here. Once you’ve registered, a member of our online team will activate your account and you’ll be able to take advantage of the number of benefits of ordering online.

A year online has taught us a number of lessons. But most importantly, we know that if we continue to invest in our customers with things like this, they will continue to invest in us.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy your purchasing experience with us.

The Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November 2016’s blog.

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