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Recently, we introduced our new Deuco video banner. This week is the turn of Puracast premium baths. In this blow we zero in on the brand’s drive for quality and strength, becoming part of its core identity.

What is Puracast?

Puracast baths are the ultimate premium bath. Hand finished in the UK to the most exacting of standards. Puracast baths are rigid, durable, strong and with a reassuring substantial weight are perfect for all bathrooms. This is regardless of bath style you decide on.

Puracast designs premium baths in beautiful sculptural shapes that suit the contemporary bathroom, thanks to the versatility of their materials, advanced manufacturing processes and the quality of our craftsmanship.

What makes Puracast ‘premium’?

Made from a generous 5mm of acrylic, we apply 7 layers of fibreglass core matting by hand and reinforce each bath bonding them with resin. This is the same construction method that the automotive and maritime industries use.

Plus fibreglass matting and resin bonding encapsulate the timber frame bath rims and bath bases to provide extra rigidity, meaning the bath will not ‘flex’ when you step in.

Our Puracast Wave displayed in KBME in Bedfordshire (Click to open in Instagram)

How Puracast makes premium baths

Due to the rigour of the manufacturing process and the quality of the materials used, Puracast premium baths have superb thermal retention. This results in the water staying warm much longer than in the average acrylic bath, meaning you don’t waste water or energy.

The reinforcement process creates strength and durability, so you don’t get that unnerving ‘flexing’ sensation when you step in.

During the manufacture, the care that we put on each Puracast premium bath is second to none. Our highly skilled team ‘paint’ the baths with 7 layers of fibreglass core matting and resin bonding by hand. Even the timber framing the bath rims and bath bases are fully encapsulated using exactly the same process for extra strength and rigidity.

Finally, our team gives each Puracast premium bath that final lustrous easy to clean sheen at our manufacturing facilities in East Sussex. It’s the finishing touch that makes Puracast premium baths so special.

Would you like to see more? We have put together a video explaining the process, step by step, as we covered in this blog.

You can find the Puracast collection in our video below:

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