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Earlier this month I had a chance to complete a time-lapse video showing the amazing work that our building teams carried out in our new conference room/bathroom showroom at our HQ in Crowborough, East Sussex. Our teams carried out the work in a space of a few months.

… So, when thinking about this month’s blog, the choice was clear: what takes building a quality showroom?

With the help of our Project Manager, Jeremy Gearing, we were able to put together a list of steps to follow when creating a high quality bathroom showroom. Jeremy kindly also provided the images that I have used in this blog to illustrate the steps.

Click to watch our time-lapse in 4K

First step: Bathroom Showroom Proposal

We work closely with our customers to create environments where we can show what our brands are about, and what can be achieved with them.

This starts with a business proposal where we agree with our customers:

  • space,
  • number and size of displays
  • budgetary commitments
  • building time-scales and;
  • any other factors

For example what team(s) of contractors will be involved, materials, etc. The project starts here with a carefull plan of what we need to achieve and how we can achieve this. In partnership with our customers. From then on, this becomes a collaboration project.

Our complete showroom in HPS, Newhaven branch

Second step: Bathroom Design

When we agree a proposal with a customer, our project manager and in-house designer, Lauren Sutton. She will sit down and design the new bathroom showroom using a CAD-based program to enable us 3D imagery.

Virtual Worlds 3D, the software used in-house, enable us visualising how the showroom will look when it reaches completion. Lauren carries out the design work in close collaboration with the customer, as their input during the design process is also necessary.

Our layouts are created using Virtual Worlds 3D

Third step: Raising the Orders

Raising the orders focuses on booking the materials and products once the layout has been agreed. This is the stage where the project materialises and starts taking form.

Ideally, there will be a storage facility where all the materials can be kept while the new bathroom showroom is being build. But this will not always be the case. When the materials can’t be stored during the duration of the building process, our suppliers will deliver them as an when our teams need to use them.

We obviously always prefer when storage is available, as this contributes to a much seamless flow. It also makes it easier for the teams of contractors as they have direct access to the materials.

Something else to take into account is whether the public will have access to the construction site while our teams are busy working in it. There are health and safety considerations that need to take place and it would be advisable to do the work without the distraction that high traffic areas entail.

[Fact] To enable us to realise our latest bathroom showroom project, which involved 10 displays, we used over 4,500 screws on planks of wood and it took over 1,000 hours of work!

Fourth step: Building from the Ground Up

The teams of contractors start by laying the floors first, using tiling and/or carpet around the showroom.

[Tip] Dust and water are constantly being cleaned on every step of the building process, before moving to the next task. To avoid dust build up and prevent any damage to the materials and products installed.

Bathroom showrooms normally don’t rely on the use of running water in their installations. Therefore, plumbers aren’t needed during these kind of projects. Installations featuring running water tend to be done in separate, independent areas where our customers can display the products next to each other. Thus benefiting from the same water source.

Some companies choose to use Foamex, which provides the same look as a ‘real’ installation and is faster to build with. However it isn’t a solid finish and can sustain damage more easily.

We are proud to carry out the building work using wood frames, high quality materials, concrete floors and tiling. The same way as it would be done in a home.

Using construction materials to support the displays ensure the durability of our displays. Also, it guarantees that our installations will enable a similar treatment than a bathroom would. Finally, it also allows visitors to test our products if they wish to test their quality.

Fifth step: Electrical Work

Lighting is normally left in the care of our customers. Once the last product is fitted, any electrical installations will be done by contractors. Some stores will have their own teams to carry out the electrical installations.

Sixth step: Final Touches

Once the building work is done, our team ensure that the products are fitted correctly and that the electrical installations are up to the highest standards.  Our project manager and designer, Lauren Sutton will then provide the final touches: towels and soap dispensers to match the theme of each display.

Real bathroom items give the displays a life-like appearance showing that we put care into every single detail, helping the store’s visitors visualise our products in their home.

Seventh step: Training

We provide our sales teams with the best training. Their knowledge will be then passed on to all our customers. We ensure to consistently equip our sales teams with product knowledge as well as technical knowledge.

Together with their experience and face-to-face relationship with our customers, this make them some of the best sales teams in the industry.

At times our sales teams are part of the work that the teams carry out in a new showroom. However, they spend a long time on the road visiting other customers and may not have the chance to be present when some of the building work is carried out.

On these occasions, when the new showroom is complete and before the showroom is open to the public, we train our sales teams on the work involved in the brand new showroom. This will also enable them to have full knowledge of the progress of any project.

The Result of our Passion

We put a lot of hard work into everything we do. We are always exploring new ways to make our showrooms a unique experience. Also, we understand that a new bathroom is a long-term investment. As result of this, we strive to be part of the exciting process that is choosing the perfect bathroom for your home.

A new bathroom showroom can also be an incredibly exciting experience for the store, as well as a step forward in every direction.

When a store takes the step to build a showroom with Pura Bathrooms Group, after relying on brochures to sell bathroom products, for our customer it means a new, elevated status. This is the time when a product on a page becomes a reality that can be experienced, touched, admired and, ultimately, be inspired by!


Would you like to be inspired even more? Visit our ‘be inspired‘ page for ideas for your new bathroom!

Follow the #PBGstyle hashtag in your internet search for inspirational designs and bathroom displays around the UK.

The Pura Bathrooms group is committed to providing efficient, well designed and eco-friendly products and as part of its continued growth incorporates in all its brands a comprehensive range of durable, high quality bathroom products that perform above the industry standards. Read more on our growth in our November 2016’s blog.

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