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Pura Bathrooms Group is committed to having an online presence to engage with our customers. To fulfil this, we aim to regularly publish up-to-date content in social media and online platforms as part of our Digital Marketing strategy.

Currently, we have social media profiles in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. To enable us to publish focused content, we also launched our first entry in November 2016. Having a platform for written content allows us to dedicate our blogging to in-depth articles about our brands and what do they have to offer. We also dedicate this space to news on new products, brochures and showroom displays.

Industry Exhibitions are also a big part of our common topics. We shared our experience during ISH in our March 2017 entry. We look forward to being part of any future exhibitions and aim to share our experience with you.

Online presence

We love keeping in touch with our customers, for more updates brought to you in real time, please check out our social media profiles at the bottom of this page. Follow us, subscribe to us and share our content.

We also keep our YouTube profile busy to show you what can you can  achieve with our products and designs. Together with our social media profiles and our blog & news section, we hope you will always have an opportunity to check in on what’s going on with our business.

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