Signature Showroom

Signature by PBG

Our Mission
The concept of a Signature Showroom is to create an area within a retail showroom dedicated to the PBG Brands. We carefully select our showrooms specifically looking for people who champion and fully support our brands.

Design Services
Signature Showrooms are beautifully designed and tailored to your business using Virtual Worlds technology. We work with you to design an area that works for your business.

Fitting Services
Take full advantage of our fitting services. Our experienced fitting team can construct your showroom from the walls  to tiling and finishing your showroom to the highest standard.

• Preferential trading terms
• Staggered rebate system based on performance
• Design service tailored to customer’s business model
• Identification on PBG website
• Sales leads provided by PBG
• Ongoing review and training programme
• Social Events and activities including fundraising

Signature Showroom by PBG